Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool: How it Works

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Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool: How it Works
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool: How it Works


Backup software is a computer software solution that protects enterprises by giving them a backup of their most critical files from massive setbacks by data loss. The backup software concept is already in its name, and this primary but powerful method would help businesses a lot. How does a program for backup work? Through this software, companies can create backup and exact copies of files, databases, and even the entire content of a computer’s hard drive.


And before the technological advances that we enjoy today, corporations have always done their hardest to preserve and protect vital company files. Back then, when machines, applications, and other modern storage spaces were all inexistent, it was a more challenging task.


It’s much possible to hold a big chunk of files on one computer, because of the latest bits of software technologies that have popped left and right in recent years. None more than backup software is one of the useful engineering pieces, and it has been supporting enterprises for years now.


What does backup software do, aside from this fundamental necessity? That depends on the applications customers use, of course. Online, there are several good backup tech options. Data compression, transaction methods, confidentiality, and access to open files are essential activities.



How Often You Should Backup Your Data


A full data backup should be planned for at least once a week, and preferably on a weekend or off-business hours when staff will not be disturbed by this. Businesses often want to add smaller jobs to these backups that only copy files or data that have changed since the last complete backup. This ensures that no matter the point in time in which you encounter an issue, you’ll always have a quick way of retrieving recent data.


Although backup requires a lot of data storage capacity, the advantages significantly outweigh the dangers of not getting this device in operation at all. Data is selected, processed and manipulated into bundles to maximize this storage, before being shipped to separate storage locations. Storage media can take many forms, varying from hard disks, magnetic tape for bulk storage, and even the floppy disks back in the 80s and 90s before things got more advanced!



Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool: How it Works



Connect your current CRM system 


Choose your current CRM  from the drop-down menu and provide required access credentials. Right after you click “Connect” we will start creating sample data backup to show you how the service works. 


trujay's backup & export tool

trujay's backup & export tool


Modify Your Objects


You can choose, modify your selected objects on your own and see everything on our dashboard.  If you want to change them, go to section “Objects” on the left-side menu bar. You can refresh the selcted objects and save when you finish.


trujay's backup & export tool


No restricted time options


The backup process is based on an API request and can take from 5 minutes to several hours, as it depends on your data set and your system’s peculiarities. You will receive an email notification when the backup is complete. Moreover, you can schedule your backup.


trujay's backup & export tool


Ability to Export Backup data


Your data will be successfully backed up on our part. You will be able to export data from our menu bar, choosing the format data type. Then click “Start Export” to launch the export process. 



Benefits of Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool



Robust backup tool for all of your CRM data


Protect and save your data with the help of Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool. It’s easy to schedule and run a backup of all your CRM data actively while data is increasing every day.



Flexible options for selecting objects


Select any objects for the backup to satisfy your business needs and deliver the desired outcome. Besides, Trujay’s Backup & Export tooldeals with more than 30 CRM platforms to safely store your data.



Intuitive interface and easy backup process


Simple and intuitive interface, which requires no advanced technical skills. Just follow step-by-step instructions to complete your data backup.



Scheduling options


Customize a backup like a regular auto backup. Moreover, this backup can run automatically every week or month.



Safe backup data restore and review


Safely restore your whole system or deleted data from your backup, and get everything back from an unexpected crash or other technical problems. You can also review the previous backup, created a week or month ago.



Free Sample Backup 


Back up a limited number of your data, approximately 10% of all datasets, and no more than 100 records of each object. You can do it on your own absolutely for free to test all available options and features in the tool.



Final Notes


Trujay is a service that allows users to migrate, integrate, and backup CRM data. We serve companies of all sizes with secure, productive, and cost-effective services. Trujay has over ten years of experience in the CRM industry and partners with 30 of the most popular CRM systems. 


With Trujay’s Backup & Export Tool, you minimize all risks involving technological pitfalls.