The Best Data Backup Software of 2021

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The Best Data Backup Software of 2021
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

The Best Data Backup Software of 2021


In the case of data failure caused by a disaster, a data breach or human error, time plays a critical part. The sooner you get your organization up and running after a disaster, the less your bottom line loses. This period, called downtime, between incident and recovery, will cost your company dearly. You could face financial losses, loss of credibility and more among consumers.


Preparing for a data failure incident requires backing up records and incorporating a well-tested method for data recovery. While merely having a backup might be sufficient for some forms of business data, such as files, endpoint data and archived data, data and applications crucial to business functioning require advanced protection. In the aftermath of a disaster, being unable to restore the latter in time will prove harmful to company recovery. 


While there are free backup solutions available, here we’ll focus on the paid-for backup softwares of 2021, though a number have free trials available.



Acronis True Image


backup software of 2021


Another highly-rated backup softwares of 2021 utility for Windows 10 and other platforms is Acronis True Image. At present, this app is retailing at $49.99, but there is no freeware version. Acronis also support cloud storage for backups. 


The software’s website rightly boasts that the quickest and simplest personal backup software is Acronis True Image 2020.


One of the best things about the utility is that it’s so easy to set up and recover a complete picture backup for it. 


To set up the complete image backup, only a few clicks are needed to restore it to an alternate drive.


Aside from all its backup and recovery options, end-to-end encryption, automatic compression, custom commands, advanced disk tools, automatic backup splitting, and disk cloning, Acronis True Image 2020 also boasts speed.


It is one of the fastest recovery utilities for Apple Time Machine and external hard drives. 


To protect the device against ransomware attacks and other malware, the new update of this backup software of 2021 has added AI-powered protection. 


Recent machine learning models have improved Their usefulness and increased performance back up.


Main features: 
  • Helps you to equip your workforce with powerful data protection
  • Minimize user downtime to maintain business continuity
  • Diverse Systems Support
  • Excellent desktop interfaceFast upload speeds in testing
  • Local and cloud backup
  • Full disk image backup and restore
  • File syncing



Trujay Data Backup & Export Tool


backup software of 2021


Trujay keeps your information safe, accurate, and easily accessible thanks to 4 layers of security: Physical Layer Security, Application Layer Security,  Network Layer Security,  Regular Layer Security. It’s another backup software of 2021.


Trujay’s Backup Data Tool enables users to export historical data and revisions. It also keeps the data secure and provides support for any incident. It’s easy to use and seamless, ensuring no coding and no manual entry. And when you’re acquiring more, you can even backup and export your data continuously. 


Trujay is a service that allows users to migrate, integrate, and backup CRM data. It serves companies of all sizes with secure, productive, and cost-effective services. Trujay has over ten years of experience in the CRM industry and partners with 30 of the most popular CRM systems. 


We’ve built the device to suit any form of user’s technical skills. And if you first have expert-level expertise or learn about a backup export solution, all stages are protected by our software! The approach is step-by-step and self-explanatory. 


You can schedule automatic backup exports. You should tweak your backup to where your time inclinations would automatically run the scheme. Even as you accumulate more info, we can run the backup export monthly, weekly, or daily.


Trujay provides a free preview of our export backup. You should check out the app in this way and get an inside gander at how it operates. In general, Trujay’s prototype makes 10% of the full data to be attempted, with up to 100 records for each piece. 


Main features: 
  • Free Sample Backup
  • Intuitive interface
  • Safe backup data restore and review
  • Automated backup process
  • Flexible options for selecting objects
  • Scheduling options



Paragon Backup & Recovery


backup software of 2021


Paragon Backup & Recovery lets you backup various virtual image file formats to complete disks or individual partitions. 


You should save it as a Paragon Image (PVHD) file if you want to password-protect the backup software of 2021. Otherwise, data backup to a VMWare Image (VMDK) or Microsoft Virtual PC Image (VHD) file is also provided by the software. Help is also offered for incremental backups.


To compact a backup, settings are available to handle how much splitting, if any, can be performed to cut the backup into smaller bits. 


You may also select which types of files and folders to delete from the whole disk’s backup. 


It is as easy to recover data as picking the backup image and choosing the drive to restore it.


Overall, Paragon Backup & Recovery is a bit harder to use than some of the better programs on this list. Also, the setup file is over 150 MB, so it could take some time to finish downloading.


Before you can properly use the software, you need to register for a free user account on their website. That, or log in with another user, like your Google account, when you first open the application.


Supported operating systems include macOS and Windows 10-7.


Main features:
  • Simplified interface
  • Lots of advanced backup options
  • Includes Paragon’s powerful disk-management tools
  • Create a recovery disc
  • Version control
  • Partition disks, volumes
  • Copy disk



EaseUS ToDo Backup


backup software of 2021


With services for corporations, home customers and even utility providers, EaseUS ToDo Backup software of 2021 is solution that has been available for over a decade. On both Windows (XP and higher) and Mac systems, it provides applications. 


It can handle an incremental or complete backup for up to 16 TB of data in the Home and Home Office tier, including dealing with several partitions, hardware RAID, and it also supports cloud backups.


While there is a free tier, the single paid Home tier offers more features for those concerned with managing their backups regularly. The Home edition is available for a one-time fee of $59, or you can subscribe for $29.95 a year, or $39.95 every two years.


The Business options for a single Workstation start from $39 a year, with additional opportunities for servers and technicians which offer an even more rich range of features.


Main features:
  • Affordable cost  
  • Advanced feature set  
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Local and Cloud backup,
  • Incremental/Differential backup
  • Outlook email backup
  • Transfer system
  • Wipe disk partition





data backup solution


NovaBackup is a reliable backup software of 2021 available as a subscription and suitable for having a copy of your computer’s hard drive on local media for the critical backup job. This is adequate for modest users, but when it comes to the interface, support for systems other than Windows and Linux, and more complex functions.


However, it doesn’t include any upgrades to the program and supports backup to cloud providers (including OneDrive and Dropbox).  


As the software runs locally to transfer the data to a local media drive and does not link to the internet, the standout aspect of NovaBackup PC is the protection provided. Also, for extra protection, the backup can be done with AES 256-bit encryption.


Pricing for home users begins from $49.95 for an annual subscription for a single PC, which offers protection against data loss, ransomware, and hardware failure. There’s also a server edition available from $199.95 per year, which provides optional support for virtual machines, SQL, and Microsoft Exchange and HIPAA compliance.


Main features: 
  • Online locations supported: Backup to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • It uses military-grade encryption to secure your backup.
  • Provides 2 GB of free online storage.
  • Backup process of this software is fast.
  • Easy to install with a backup wizard.



Wrap Up


We have reviewed different types of backup and software tools in this tutorial. You will now be able to make up your mind in selecting the best one that meets your needs. Businesses should choose a software system with advanced backup features such as Acronis True Image 2020 or NovaBackup. If you want to back up your CRM data then, Trujay is your fit!