4 Reasons Why Trujay’s Data Backup & Export Tool Is a Must

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4 Reasons Why Trujay’s Data Backup & Export Tool Is a Must
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

4 Reasons Why Trujay Backup & Export Tool Is a Must


According to a Bloomberg poll, 97% of companies have adopted data analytics. The three most widely stated targets for Big Data were cost-efficiency, improved profitability, and better risk control. Many organizations, though, fail to make sure that their data is reliable, structured, and predictive. 


A CRM will store all the knowledge and make sense of it. CRM software can improve your overall efficiency and profitability by housing information in one place and help you make data-driven decisions. 


But it also poses danger by housing all the data in one location. You are more vulnerable to information that is lost or stolen, which may ruin your image and cause significant financial losses. You need to back it up the right way in order to secure your records.


This article will cover some of the common security missteps that businesses make–along with a few cautionary tales–to illustrate why you should invest in Trujay’s CRM backup tool




Cloud Storage Is Not a Backup System


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Let’s cover what the cloud is (and is not). The cloud allows you to store data and software somewhere other than your computer. All you need to access it is an Internet connection. But where is this virtual storage space we call the cloud? 


Despite the name, your data isn’t floating somewhere in the atmosphere. It still has to live on a physical server. But instead of slowing down your hardware, you can outsource your data to a cloud storage provider (like iCloud or Google Drive) that maintains servers around the globe. 


The intended function of the cloud is storage. Cloud storage has become indispensable as we add more and more information to the data-sphere. According to IDC, more than 59 zettabytes of data will be created this year worldwide. 


That’s 59,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes!


But, at least, cloud storage isn’t a backup, not by nature. The security of your data depends on whether your cloud provider is managing your data responsibly. And big players in the business often blunder. In 2009, one of Microsoft’s servers failed, resulting in a loss of data for 800,000 people. Yes, Microsoft had a backup. But they stored it on the same failed server as the data itself. Rookie mistake!


With a dedicated data expert like Trujay backup solution company, the only surefire way to secure the data is to back it up. We are an Elite-Tier HubSpot Solutions Partner, a fancy way to suggest that the CRM giant trusts us with the details of their customers. 




Backups Fail (If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing)


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In 2017, Gitlab lost nearly all of their production data after an employee accidentally executed a delete command. When they tried to restore their data from backup, it failed. The Register didn’t mince words when describing the failure, “The world doesn’t contain enough faces and palms even to begin to offer a reaction.”


Gitlab weathered the loss because they’re a multi-million dollar company. But data loss for a smaller company can be catastrophic. 60%  of SMEs that lose their database shut down within six months.


With Trujay backup, you can rest assured your data is in the hands of experts, and your backup will not fail. To test-drive our service, you can run a trial backup on our website. With up to 100 records for each CRM object, the trial-run allows about 10% of the data to be backed up. It is completely transparent in the process. Through our strategy, you can see how the data is processed and ensure that nothing is lost.




Privacy Breaches


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As an international icon, Apple is under constant threat from hackers. In 2014, the inevitable happened after a hacker made public a password weakness in iCloud’s keychain. As a result, private, intimate photos of several female celebrities were stolen and leaked to the Internet.  While Apple expressed sympathy for the victims, the company did not take responsibility for the privacy breach.


Your CRM system naturally does not store intimate photos. But it does retain all of the company’s confidential details, such as contracts, distribution procedures, customer lists, and marketing campaigns. An infringement by a rival may be devastating.


Your CRM also provides a goldmine of consumer data, such as their purchasing preferences, credit card numbers, medical records, biometrics, and personally identifiable information (PII). Any loss of consumer details could cause the brand to incur litigation or irreparable harm. Perhaps specifically, the clients could be affected by it.


Too much is at stake to leave your data with just anyone. Trujay backup solution is a small but robust company that genuinely cares about its customers’ privacy and is accountable. We use a multi-layer approach to data security, ensuring your data is protected at the physical, network, and application layers.  We also conduct regular audits and updates of our security system.


Our servers are situated in a safe area and can only be reached with a transponder key that is anti-theft. Trujay backup has security 24/7, with surveillance cameras installed at all points of entry. Protection is also in effect for natural disasters such as power outages, flooding, and explosions.




Incomplete Backups


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An incomplete backup is a common concern that can occur for a variety of reasons, such as an internal fault, power outage, or connection failure. Many individuals do not even know that a backup has stalled. Most times, it is also a problem with timing. No one synchronizes information consistently, leaving you with a backup that doesn’t include your most recent data.


Data backup needs to be a finely-tuned machine for it to work.Whether monthly, weekly, or daily, Trujay backup will set up automated backups according to your preferred schedule. It is a non-intrusive procedure and regular business processes will not be interrupted.




The Trujay Backup Solution Keeps Your Data Safe 


If you work with customer data, store sensitive information about your company, or record employees’ PPI, data protection should be a top priority. Trujay backup offers a secure home for your data and guarantees that it will be kept safe and intact. Get started with our CRM backup tool today.